Go for Youtube: Seamless Video App Reviews

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Pretty Good

My only concern is it unexpectedly crashed 3 times in 2 weeks. I’m on the latest version of the macOS (10.11.5). I’ve sent a report to Apple each time so hopefully the developer is working on it.

Wonderful app, great work!!

It lets you access Youtube super fast. View movies and clips without even opening your browser.Its very practical and convenient .Very good recommendation!


Is this Junhua’s Budapest or is there another? Great app folks, with the ability to tiny and large with a flick of a switch

Keep up the good work

I love this there are no ads and its really loud but gives you options the only thing is sometimes it takes a while .


I love this app because its Youtube without restrictions.I can watch movies that were removed from Youtube!Plus I like the way its set up!Now I gotta watch dem video on TubePlayer!

Excellent app

I think what you guys did with the layout is great.Im reading through the comments,I love what your doing with this app,keep it up.

Love it

This app is fantastic,I really like it.You can watch any video you want .It even gives you channels that are already created for free.This is one of the best apps ever.

Tied to the top bar, Cant be moved, kinda useless.

Tied to the top bar, Cant be moved, kinda useless.

Great app!

I love the new update,its running smoothy and everything going good.Its way more organized and easy to use.I use the app a lot and it hasnt disappointed me.This app is an improvement.It worked fine for me,the audio and video loading.I like that I can turn my mac easily to landscape.Fullscreen! Easy!Turn it back to portrait mode and still be able to see the comments while the video is playing.In fact its excited my expectations and overall is better than other apps I use daily like Facebook since it runs much faster and etc.So I can safely say this app deserves 5 stars.I was so impressed I believe Ill keep it and use It quite often.Thank you to all of you who are working on it and Id like to say good job.Youve earned 5 stars.

I love the update!

It works on my computer perfectly.I update my Mac to the latest version.Since then Ive had absolutely no trouble at all!Anyways,the update is just wonderful!I love the new feature where you can search for video and watching another video.And I noticed that you can finally play playlist!Yay,I made a private playlist for all my favorite songs so its nice to not have to click every time I have to switch it to next song.Its amazing,thank you!I just adore this new update.Theres so improvement to be made but I understand you guys are trying your hardest!Thanks again.I love how user-friendly it is and I also love the layout.Im glad I download this app.I was so impressed I believe Ill keep it and use it quite often.

Kinda had a feeling the reviews were fake

It had really great ratings so I figured Id give it a try. However, after giving it a whirl and seeing how lame it was, I figured id check the reviews a little deeper because there was NO WAY this thing got 5 star average from that many people, and sure enough, if you click on the “All Reviews by This User’ for pretty much every user, they either have just the one review (on this app) or a few reviews for apps made by the same company. So Ill just say, id probably have given this app 2 stars since I just dont like it, I remove an extra star down to one for the lame practice of posting fake reviews and therefore wasting people’s time. Ok…now with that being said,….although it is slightly useful in a VERY circumstancial way, id say in no way does it become useful enough to add to your list of apps, nor would I expect REAL people downloading this would like and find it useful enough to give it 5 stars. The good: its free you can sign into you account you can watch youtube The bad you can watch youtube…..ONLY…cannot do anything else while it is playing or the video will minimize back to the dock with the audio still playing if pausing an advertisement accidentally, you cant restart it. you have to research the video and restart again no resizing no always on top fake reviews no settings at all really (unlss you pay for premium)…this is basically an upsell, because the free version is pretty lame I downloaded another app called TubeTab and it works much better for my needs. Can always be on top and play, can be undocked, can be minized simply by clicking the dock icon (will still continue to play audio when minimized), can be resized..the only thing it lacks is being able to log into my account. I think that might require paying for premium, which I may be inclined to do since it works so well for my needs (mostly like to watch youtube while browsing websites, but opening a separate browser for that and resizing, and staying on top….not so great with a browser) I havent tried any others as there seem to be a lot with low reviews. But overall, I dont recommend this one.

Good job

The app runs great and I love that I can watch my friends make videos and I.It is one of my favorite apps and I hope that it is yours to!The whole process of using is very smooth.The page design of this app is very reasonable and people can easily learn how to use it Whats more. it is commendable that this app made me feel that it is worth to download it.This app is in a class by itself.If there is any thing youre seeking,youll find it here.How to videos,lectures,travel,entertainment.All at the click of a keyboard.If you dont have it,what are you waiting for? If you have it,keeping learning,keep growing.You can find everything you wanted to find,this app is awesome.Its the best way to watch videos.Overall really pretty good!

Best app

About the best app I used so far,its convenient I remember looking for something and when I found out about this app I was pretty stocked.This app has the feature “what to watch” ,enjoy “what to watch” recommendations.I like this feature.And the app has a perfect interface and all of its functions work well.

Great for view videos.

This app works smoothly,I use it all the time to watch videos on my Mac.This is way better than other website.It tells you when your favorite youtubers post videos.All you have to do is subscribe and it will send you notification.You also post videos.I love this app.

Amazing and a life saver

It remembers where I left off on a video.I can easily text a video to a friend or copy and post it on a social media platfom.I can change the picture quality of the video.This app is amazing I have all my favorite video on it.

Better than I expected

Im just waiting on the day I can use the app and still have my music playing in the background.So far,Ive always used this app and website.like everyone else and i love it.I havent had any problems.

back button

need a back button but other than that its cool

Its pretty good

Amazing app,it is very easy to use and i can watch smart much anything it gives me something to do in my free time and there is so many funny or educational videos i can even find out how to make things or to do this.I havent had any problems with this app so far,and everything works fine. if I were you,I would get it and enjoy it.its so pleased.

Awesome app

This app is so cool.I never can get eyes of it.Its very cool and this lets you be your self without anyone telling you what to do.Because sometime you dont have to do it unless you like a suggestion.All my friends have this and its a awesome app.Getting subs are fun.And erring more makes it even more fun.When I found the app was free I was blown because it one of the top apps.I love how easy it is to watch videos.This app allows to see all the videos you want and I dont have any problems with this app.Overall i would recommend this app to everyone!Great job!

need improvements

it’s a good idea to make such as this app. but it’s still need some improvements like back button and the video resolution otherwise the app is great. Thanks!

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